5 Benefits of Forex Trading

Benefits Forex TradingWhy many people interest in Forex Trading ? What are the advantages of forex trading till many people have interesting about it?

Okay, Let’s explain the unique advantages of forex trading:

1. 24 Hour Market

Forex trading happen as long as there are any forex market open in the world wide. So, could you imagined it? Trading starts on Sunday evening in Australian, and close in the New York on Friday.When first country end their market, the market will be open in other country and so on. And you can see 24 Hour Market there.

2. High Liquidity

It means ease to cash your asset, without any price discount, and you do not need to terrible obligation to cash your asset.

3. Low Transaction Cost:

While you make transaction, you must paid for it or you can called it spread. This spread not to different between buying price and selling price.

4. Leverage:

You do not need pay all price you trade, you just need pay depend on the leverage of the transaction. Example: you just have $ 1000 USD in your account, but you want to make transaction $ 100.000 USD. the leverage 1000 : 100.000 or 1: 100 , it means you just need deposit $ 1000 USD to make a deal with $ 100.000 USD transaction.

5. Profit Potential from Rising and Falling Prices

You can keep profit even the rate currencies rising or falling.Because if any currencies are falling it will be influence others currencies rate rising. So you could make profit from it.

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