What are Forex Trading Robots and do they Really Work ?

Forex Trading Robots

Forex trading can be a strenuous and exhausting affair that does not always guarantee good profits. People are always looking for new ways to make more money. This is where forex robots come to the rescue. These intriguing machines are programmed for the primary purpose of making profits for the traders. Though some claim that these profits are dubious, many traders are resolving on using them.

Forex trading Robots are new and exciting strategies that traders use to level the Forex market playground for those with less training and skills on technical Forex trading analysis. Though some traders still prefer the traditional manual trade, some other traders have embraced the automated trading method. So what is a Forex trading robot?

It is an automated piece of software that keys in trade data and then gives exit decision. It uses it’s inbuilt, programmed rules to make and provide the best step for the particular trade data entry. They are also known as expert advisors because they enable traders to make easy money by using their programmed parameters that are necessary for trade decisions. It helps determine when to buy or sell currency.

The automated robots are meant to make trading easier. They reduce the risk as well as magnify the probabilities of earning more returns. Though these robots are available on the internet and can, therefore, be bought easily. Trades are warned to be very cautious when purchasing one.

Do they really work?

As aforementioned above, a typical trading robot has an inbuilt programmer that allows it to initiate forex trading positions. Its effectiveness, however, is rated based on the prices in the market and the set rules and parameters that are placed in the trading robot.

Despite claims of profitable trades from the creators, the federal government terms them as a scam. They are not recorded in articles in any reputable news sources or the wall street journal. Though most come with numerous testimonies from traders who claim to have made a lot of money using this system. There are also traders who have been subjected to massive loses with some losing their accounts. Most come with enticing money back guarantee which is mostly just a hoax from greedy software developers, who go missing a few weeks after selling this soft wares.

The good news is that there is a way that a trader can determine if the software meets his needs. This can be done by downloading a trial version and learning how it operates. The demo account or trial software gives the trader a chance to make a more informed and educated choice on whether to consider purchasing the forex trading robot or not. The system can be put to a test using historical data to see if it will come up with the positive decisions.

One major setback with these robots is that despite being able to handle sophisticated tasks they cannot get creative. They are limited to their initial programming. The information that they use is usually based on past performance and thus they can’t give sound judgments when economic or financial situations changes.

Though Forex trading robots sound like a good idea, Forex traders should site down and make a sound decision. Under ideal condition, the robot can make you more money but they can also have your account closed. Its inability to react to changes means that it can even respond to false spikes and incorrect information. So, sit down, do your research, and decide if it is worth going for one.


The benefits from Forex trade robot are limited. Installing this software does not guarantee you an advantage over manual trading or increase your odds of getting more profits. Forex trading requires human psychology because it tends to shift when the market conditions change. Forex robot would not be able to distinguish these changes or even have proper reaction. Learning about the technical analysis and coming up with a trading plan remains to be the most convincing way of Forex trading. Even the most seasoned traders who use supercomputers to trade do not disregard that human element is key to success in Forex trading. But at the end of the day, it’s you to decide.

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